For wooden floors installed floating

1. Prevents building moisture to affect the wood (moisture barrier) 2. Compensates minor unlevellings of the subfloor (3mm unlevelled: 3mm underfloor 3.3mm unlevelled: 3.3mm underfloor) this way reducing or increasing footstep and contact noise READ MORE 3. Provides slipperiness for the floor to expand and retract easily. Makes installation happen more easily. 4. Reduces the footstep impact to the woodfloor surface

Undatech Gold is a premium underlay suitable for wooden floors installed floating READ MORE Vapour barrier 23dB sound reduction Thickness 3.3 mm 2,9 kg/m2 Rolls of 10m2 10M x 1Mx 3.3mm


Undatech Silver Rubber Foil Backed Underlay Wood Flooring 3mm thick 2,5 kg/m2 Rolls of 10m2 10M x 1Mx 3mm


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