week 29


I’m sure I’ve said this before, but for me, when I’m looking back through a week’s photos, it’s often about the moments captured rather than the specifics of a scene. It’s about what it felt like walking into the woods, grateful for shade on a sunny day. It’s about walking along the beach below dramatic clouds, exhaling out the tension.

15 - 21 July

moments like this.

Or it’s about sitting at my desk, feeling frustrated that something I’m writing isn’t working the way it should, the words feeling clunky, and I turn round and Harris is snuggled behind me on the sofa. And I remember what’s really important in life.

It was the beginning of our holiday, and we wanted to escape. It was a hot day, so rather than head down the coast, we drove to Falkland for a shady woodland walk, stopping off at Pillars of Hercules first for a cuppa and some cake. Pillars of Hercules is an organic farm shop with a vegetarian café: cue, wickedly good vegan cake.


You can’t tell how warm it was from these photos. It was blindingly bright and still and humid. Too warm for us. I never know what to do with bright sunshine like this - in real life or in photos. We walked through the woods, past the cricket pitch and fields, and into town, staying in the shade wherever we could, and looking for a bench to rest some paws and have a long drink before walking back.

When we moved last summer, I was looking forward to having an interior project. I thought the interior was going to be the exciting thing about our home. But after we moved, my priorities shifted. And this summer, I’ve realised that the garden is the thing I enjoy most - and the yoga space. I’ve loved seeing our tiny wee garden come to life. I should say, this is all Richard’s doing, not mine, but it’s gone from being an empty, barren-feeling space to being filled with life - literally, as there are so many birds.

also Monday

This little pine reminds us of our walks at John Muir Country Park.

We stayed at home during the day to avoid the heat, and then headed down the coast in the evening for a walk at Yellowcraig. Cue dramatic clouds and beautiful light over the Forth.


Richard went to visit his family in Northern Ireland so I was at home for a few days with the lads. Working and snuggling, basically. I’ll be honest, I don’t find these days at home easy. I’m always itching to get outside, especially at weekends.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday


Richard arrived home in the afternoon and we escaped down the coast. It was a late walk in low light, but I was just so relieved to be out with the lads, breathing in fresh air, slowly unravelling my mind that felt busy and angsty after a few days of being indoors.

Do you have a view that helps you exhale? This is mine.

the end.


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