We’d been planning a day trip to Pittenweem and Elie in Fife during our holiday in July, but hadn’t factored in the heat wave that hit the UK that week. We hoped that it might be a few degrees cooler on the coast, but when we reached Pittenweem, while it wasn’t sunny at first, it was so, so humid.

wednesday 24 july

We’d planned to wander around, up and down the wynds that lead from the shorefront to the high street, taking our time (and taking photos), but here’s the thing about exploring with hounds - they don’t do heat. We walked along the shore, hoping to find a breeze that wasn’t there, and then looped back up into the centre of the village, heading to the cool of The Cocoa Tree Café.

I’d planned to take many more photos, and for this story to be an exploration of one of my favourite East Neuk spots, but here are just a few photos from this Wednesday trip - a taster for our next visit in autumn, on a cooler, more hound-friendly day.

One of my favourite houses in the village - I love this shade of green alongside the traditional red pantiles.

And its neighbour!

The rocky shore at low tide.

Another favourite.

This house, House on the Rock, has a fascinating history. It dates back over 260 years when this building was originally three fisherman’s cottages perched on the edge of the former harbour at Pittenweem. One cottage was destroyed by a storm in 1898, and was then rebuilt as a net store and later used as a garage. In 2001 a previous owner, who was experienced in challenging renovations, bought the remaining two cottages and the garage, and took on a project to renovate the cottages and rebuild the third, and combine them to create one house.

Looking back towards House on the Rock.

A little geographical context for those who don’t know this part of Scotland: towards the end of this video, you might just be able to make out Bass Rock in the distance, which featured in my Seacliff story. So we’re looking towards the East Lothian coastline here.

From Pittenweem, we headed just slightly further along the coast to Elie, and a beach walk that would keep the lads cooler in the heat. But that’s for another story...

the end.

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