July 2019

Australia Trip

Once we arrived in Australia, we had 6 internal flights all over the country. We journeyed through everything from big cities, a rainforest, the outback, and so much more.

Sydney was unlike any city I have been to before. The city is spread out around a large bay, filled with wonderful parks and a blend of old and new architecture.

First Stop: Sydney



2 hours from Sydney are the blue mountains. It was too foggy to see the lookouts, but we were still able to see some wildlife.

Lyrebirds, are often hard to find, but they love the rainy weather. They mimic other birds as their call.

The winter fog on our last morning provided a unique view of the city.

Next, we travelled to Uluru, a sacred Aboriginal landmark.

In the national park, tourism is determined by sunrise and sunset.

I tried to do a Milky Way panoramic for the first time!

In the national park, there was almost no light pollution.

On the way to the rainforest, I was able to dive for a day on the Great Barrier Reef. There were so many unique creatures, very different from Caribbean diving.


Flat Worm

The geography of the Daintree Rainforest was unlike any other rainforest I’ve seen before.

The Daintree River, is full of bird life. Around every bend was a new species. A river cruise at dusk was a highlight of the trip.

Pictured is the “little kingfisher”, a small, rare, strikingly blue bird.

Next stop was Kangaroo Island, a 30 minute flight south of Adelaide

A visit to a fur seal colony

My favorite part of the trip, was visiting the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Two teens practicing boxing

The kangaroos on Kangaroo Island are a chocolate brown color. They are all over the island, as the name suggests.

A rare sighting: two adult males boxing.

Our final destination was Melbourne, where I got to meet Healesville Sanctuary’s platypus, Yamacooma. She was super playful, it was wonderful to appreciate this unique species.

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