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Jeff Bartlett

Jeff Bartlett focuses on the art and craft of adventure, blending photography, video and writing with a keen passion for story. We love to share Jeff's adventures! Read on and learn more about Steller Ambassador @PhotoJBartlett!

How would you describe your photography style?

I am an adventure photographer. My aim is to use images to inspire people to get outside and explore, so my work most often highlights how we interact with the environment. I often focus on mountain sports, like skiing, mountain biking and hiking, to inspire people to get outside and explore.

Your Steller stories immerse the reader in experiences. What are your key ingredients to telling a good story?

A trick I learned in journalism school is that a good story just needs 4 parts: A vivid image to set the scene, backstory that answers the 5Ws, action that gets the viewer involved, and another vivid image to wrap things up.

You've been all over the world. Tell us about one place that changed you and how?

I've been a constant traveler since I finished high school, so a few locations stand out. The most big-change trip came just this summer when I hiked from Slovenia to Albania. Over 7 weeks, we covered 1000 km on foot. While it wasn't my first long-distance endurance adventure, it was my first thru-hike. It helped me rediscover a passion for endurance-focused adventure and helped me realize that it's important to make time for personal adventures rather than my work.

Tell us one place you've been to that you would not rush back to again and why?

When I first read this question, I immediately thought of Machu Picchu. While I loved my trip there, it's a great example of the current herd-mentality in tourism. It's THE destination in Peru and too many people rush there to check it off the bucket list. I always find the most rewarding travel experiences to be elsewhere, in small towns, away from tourist crowds.

What's a guilty pleasure you have?

I might call myself an adventure photographer and filmmaker, but it's a lie. My two biggest passions are skiing and mountain biking. All too often, I'll leave the camera at home and just go play.

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