The streets of Havana will be our class room.


A seven day photography workshop

Why Cuba you ask ......


Incredible History Timeless Architecture Perfect Weather Classic Cars Cigars Mojitos and most importantly .....

The kindest, warmest, most welcoming people

“Got me out of my comfort zone with photography and interacting with local people. Adria has a gift with a camera and a gift with people, if you want to take better pictures with your iPhone you should goto Cuba with her - it was awesome!” Lisa Cooley Havana Now, Cuba Immersion 2018


We will learn to manually control the focus and exposure. Find new levels of comfort interacting and shooting on the streets. Discover Apps that will improve quality and inspire creativity. Take outstanding impactful photographs. And have a deeper connection and understanding of Cuba and it’s culture

The lack of Western influence combined with a culture that deeply values family and community results in bringing people together. The streets in Havana are always filled with people, music, rum, games and kids !

The streets, the boxing rings, domino games, The Malecón, and roof top bars will be our class room.

“Adria is the best photography teacher I have ever had. She’s so passionate that it gives all of her instruction energy and gets you more excited about photography. In one day she helped me get comfortable with editing pictures as well as taking drastically better pictures on my phone. Because of her I have taken some of the best pictures of my life. “Gerhart Enders

What people have to say

"Why on EARTH would you go to Cuba for an iPhone photography class? The excellent food! The weather! Beautiful scenery Beautiful kind people Being outside in the sunshine every day. A casual but productive learning environment. Adria! Who leads you from wherever you are to the next level. A true learning experience where the learning is never strenuous and never stops. The mojitos! The culture! Did I mention the food?” Marla Bender

DON’T WAIT ! October 31 & January 24th Message me for registration. $2900 7 Days , Includes Private room, Dinners, Cuban transportation Discover Havana!


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