5th August, 2019

Featured Authors

This week on steller

This Week on Steller

This week our Featured Authors are taking us on their adventures by mountains, city, and sea! As always, go follow these people and enjoy their stories with us!


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Segments 22-24

By @ cpriegel4014

Hike to the High Point on a 21.5-mile portion of the Colorado Trail.

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Amazing Prague

Bring your camera and explore the City of a Hundred Spires.

By @ Karol is

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Where to go, what to do on the stunning Italian island in the Mediterranean.

9 Best Spots in North Sardinia

By @ ckahr

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Trip Report - Bahamas

By @ yellowdog

Grab your fishing gear for a day on the water on the west coast of Andros Island.

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Hiking Bourgeau Lake

By @ anakne

Get up early and hit the trails around the rock-rimmed Bourgeau Lake near Banff, Alberta.

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Until Next Time Folks...

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