22nd July, 2019

Featured Authors

This week on steller

This Week on Steller

This week our Featured Authors are inspiring us to explore the globe...and even showing us how to make one! As always, go follow these people and enjoy their stories with us!


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Step into a world of colorful, fiery giants at a balloon festival in Massachusetts.

Sundown Balloons

By @ pappaga11A

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Get the scoop on how to get to this stunning beach to swim in its crystal blue waters!

Cala Llombards - Mallorca, Spain

By @karen

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Antelope Canyon and More

By @ kingamnicH

Spend three days exploring the color and light of this natural wonder in Arizona.

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By @ t3j1

Jaunts in the City of Gold

Go on a journey of exploration in Johannesburg and fall in love with "Jozi"!

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Globemakers - The Whole World...

By @ globemakers

Explore the globe using your fingers! See how these handmade globes are crafted.

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Tune in next Monday for our next pick of Steller Featured Authors! Shared a story recently you want us to see? Tag us in your Instagram Stories @stellerstories.

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  • kingamnich

    Thank you so much!!!

  • kingamnich

    @Steller I have a quick question. If I post a story does it show right away on Steller or is there some time between everyone being able to see it?

  • Steller

    @kingamnich Hey! Our Editors choose the best stories of the day to be highlighted, and this is why you sometimes see down time, as your audience upon publish is small but growing.


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