Chickens, Hens


We are lucky to live in the Scottish Borders with some crazy feathered friends

Time to meet the Flockers! #stelleruk #stellerstories #outdoors #nature #hens

Betty, Gladys, Mary and Patti

Our four ex battery rescue hens from British Hen Rescue Trust #bhwt #rescuehens They were commercial egg laying hens, kept in enriched caged environment for around 1 year to 18 months when the are deemed unprofitable and surplus to requirements. This is them a year ago, when they first arrived, all pale, skinny and terrified and no life in their eyes.

It took a while but they soon returned to good health. They now get to live their best chicken lives, freeranging in our back garden and being spoilt.

Chicken friends

They have a little pink house and hen run where they sleep safely at night. Dreaming of scratching around for worms, flies and bugs or other tasty treats or dust bathing in the chicken sand spa.

The rest of the time they can roam around our garden

Cheery inquisitive nosey creatures, they bicker and squabble amongst themselves but they are endearing. I wish everyone could experience them rushing to greet you. So it might be the food that they are after but their madcap rush of half flying - half running is an absolute picture.

Eggs, are a bonus

They survived the winter. Although I'm not 100% sure they entirely loved the snowy weather.

Sometimes you get extra snacks, so it pays to hangout by the back door

Patti had to take some medicine She is doing fine.

And she had to have a bath

I don't think she minded being pampered

I have also been given a few hen themed presents, which are eggcellent.

Showjumping hens #stelleruk

Plus the amazing balancing chicken, Gladys.

Without a doubt they have changed our lives for the better. Thanks for reading @deputypics insta cat2915

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  • coppernotes

    I couldn’t love this more Cat. Look at the difference from when you brought them home! Living their best lives for sure. ☺️✨

  • kerrieturcic

    OMG love!

  • deputypics

    @kerrieturcic 🐔🐔🐔🐔


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