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Zuid-Limburg is the Netherlands most southerly province. It is a wonderful place to visit, with a wide variety of things to see and do. It has rolling hills, glorious walks across the open countryside and it is only a stone's throw away from nearby countries of Belgium and Germany, all for you to wander and explore. In fact, at the popular 'three land point,' you can actually step into all 3 countries in the space of 3 seconds. It is a cool experience and something everyone must do how good is that? Visit Zuid-Limburg

The delicate green details of the Zuid-Limburg landscape. This is the forest called the Savelsbos.

The beautiful rolling hills and farmland reminds me some much of my motherland, back in England.

Hiking here is so prevalent! If you like a good ramble and some good food and beer at the end of the day, this region is perfect for you.

The Zuid-Limburg region has many great attractions, small picturesque villages, and an extensive array of hiking routes. During my stay here, I ventured out on many and only seemed to scratch the surface on what was on offer throughout the region.

Waffles are very popular too!

The horse made this shot, so graceful and happy in their surroundings.

Thanks for reading and viewing my latest story. Zuid-Limburg is a truly marvelous province to visit and during this little excursion, I saw a lot and experienced a great deal too! Its landscapes are so welcoming and so suited to the outdoor pursuits I particularly enjoy. People cycle and hike everywhere. Its nature and farmland, is stunning and entwine naturally to make it seem like a lush green landscape that has remained untouched for a number of years. For more Thoughts and Stories please visit my blog www.garethmate.com or view my @garethmate photography page on Instagram.

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