Climate change week

BAI YUE 07,2019

a died whitebark tree- wet & cold, with more open branches Due to the increase use of fossil fuel, there are more CO2 and some other gas stay in the atmosphere,which will absorb long-wave radiation, so the earth are becoming warmer and warmer.As temperate increasing, some disease might occur at higher altitude and latitude.That might killed this tree.

You an tell the different layers of the rock, gray layer-dramatic growth place.

Outdoor class for species-- species can be isolated by geography,such as a mountain, can separate them into two species. Then there is a chance to communicate, therefore gene flow, a diversity gene pool come into being.

Moss and some other plant grow aside of the stream which comes from the melt snow.

That is not a rock, it's soft in touch, a kind of fungal, and some other plant grow on it, life is amazing!

heather-grow with white flower


A strategy for keep warm to grow, with leaves close to the ground, the broad leaf is efficient to catch sunlight.

I don't know its english name, but it's normally spread at decay grassland in tibetan plateau.

It's chinese name is 乳白香青(Anaphalis lactea)

Three kinds of landscape, rock, snow and green part. With air warming, plant can distribute at higher altitude, which may have bad effect on the ecosystem, kind of biological invasion.

A fire took place few years ago, from central valley down towards the west.

I touched this little cute squirrel! He hold my two fingers and bit slightly at the middle finger, he might think"Ohh that's not nuts",then run away quickly~

A great glacial lake view!

The snow is melting, maybe because of the temperature rise caused by we walk through it. This shows how human activity affect the nature. In addition to make the temperature rise, human can bring seed,insect to the place where it would hard for them to get there.

A tree look similar with a chinese famous attractions--The Pine Greeting Guests.

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