Island of Andros, Bahamas 2019

First you fly to Nassau. Then The ‘E’ ticket Ride to Andros

A trip to the Bahamas is always different and a bit adventurous at times. This trip was no different, except the Island. This time we (Sis and I) went to Andros. We had heard some pretty wonderful things, so we thought it best to check it out for ourselves. Traveling from a child through my adult life, I and We prefer to stay in local places, compared to all inclusive. Don’t get me wrong, the Resorts are amazing. But when visiting in another Country, to me, Us, we prefer to actually get to know the Cultural and Local Economy. Andros did not disappoint.

Let’s Start with the Water

Bone Fishing is HUGE here. Folks from all over the World come just for the fishing. We saw bigger ones, the prior pic is from one of the hatching areas. The water is beautiful to swim, snorkel and dive. We didn’t commit to diving, but we did a lot of snorkeling. And saw plenty of sea critters. Including a bevy of cuttlefish (which I haven’t seen since swimming in formation since living in the Okinawa).

This is the one and only pic from underwater. Don’t even get me started how my underwater housing stopped working

How quickly the colors and weather change

Andros Has more Blue Holes than any other Island in the Bahamas or Carribbean

Some literally right off the shore. You can see the color difference right before the boat

This statue stands on the corner of the road to Red Bay. For the last two hundred years the descendants from Seminole Indians and escaped Slaves have made their home here. Building and weaving baskets

Pain staking work. It takes up to a week for each medium size basket to finish. Everything is grown and dried within a mile of where they live.

The North to Central half of Andros is mainly forest and Agriculture.

Wildlife abounds in the forest. Birders from all over the World also come here. Matter of fact, we met some biologist studying the different wild orchids.

Most of the Beaches we snorkeled, showed some trash in the water, which we gladly scooped up. Except Morgan’s Point. This area is also a Port and it was deluged with trash. (Tires, bottles, cans, plastic bags. Those we cleaned out, there was just too much of the other.) This was sad to see.

Unfortunately, the Island isn’t prospering as much as it should. Between the economic slumps of having Hurricanes decimate the area and folks leaving the Island. Many places are just not being rebuilt.

Prior capture is the lighthouse from the late 1800’s and the canons used to announce and defend Andros Town area. Both loosing themselves to the elements.

Ambrosia is a local owned and operated company since 1969. They still Batik as they always have. All hand stamped, colored, sun-dried and sewn on the premises. You can find their products all over the Islands.

Overall we enjoyed the stay. Chances are we won’t be returning. The overall issues the Island has with travelers like ourselves, it was not conducive. General population is extremely poor and expected us to help them out. We did spread money around purchasing gifts and patronage of several business including the local resort (which was very nice). The overall economic and infrastructure definitely needs work. I know conversing with Officials from the Island, it is an on-going issue and projects are in the works. Seriously though, twenty plus years to re-pave the road from the South to the North is a bit long. Especially considering we have a Naval Missle Base on the Island. I would recommend staying at an all inclusive resort. There are a few to choose from.

I leave you with the soothing sounds of the Bahamian Waters. Thank you for joining me!

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