July 14-16

Segments 9-10

July 14th- Segment 9 I am proud of myself today. I hiked 20 miles in 8 hours. Only stopped for maybe 40 minutes because the mosquitos were pretty bad. However, looking back at my last journal entry from this Segment, I had a much better time. Yes I am exhausted from hiking so fast, and wish I could have enjoyed stopping more and soaking in the scenery, but I didn’t have a BAD day. The weather continues to be great, and I am excited to hike Mt. Massive tomorrow and see Enrique! Hope the Collegiates are melting fast, going to be there soon! Also.. I don’t think I can eat anymore Thai Curry. Mileage: 20 High: Eating in my tent after 20 miles Low: The bugs Hardness: 7/10 Beauty: 7/10

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign."


July 15th: Segment 10 + Mt. Massive Today was an amazingly beautiful day.. holy cow, 14ers are no joke though! I feel I was sucking air for 5 straight hours.. the views were stunning, and the hike had a mix of scenery which I really enjoy. Started off in the trees, walked in the tundra, then some scrambling to get to the top. Sadly, however, another pair of my carbon fiber black diamond poles were lost along the way. Yes, a second pair. Last summer I lost the same poles on Mt. Evans.. my advice to future me, always just keep your poles with you! The walk down always looks enormously different than the way up, and that rock you swore you would remember, just doesn’t exist. Anyways, I am frustrated I let it happen again, but am very happy to be in a mansion tent with a blow up mattress and Enrique.. and beer. You win some you lose some, and today I feel I had a bit of both. Mt. Elbert tomorrow!

So happy to be on top of the world.

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  • cpriegel

    I’m so proud of you! 👍🏽 amazing and love the pics!

  • donnaj123

    Dang. Sorry about the poles


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