The Aeromodeller Since Feb. 2019, in the MSK, Ghent. Panamarenko’s most iconic piece of art

Beween 1967 and 1971, Panamarenko build his ultimate dream: travelling anywhere, anywhen and anyhow in his rotan house.: . In 1971 he tried to cross the Belgian-Dutch border but Dutch Airpolice prohibited this with a telegraph. Ultimatly it was a sudden wind that crashed his balloon before it got airborn.

Malfunctionning travel equipement with plenty of drama ending up pathetic, have become Panamarenko’s trademark.


Museum van schone kunsten, Museum of fine art GHent

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The Last Judgement Raphael Coxie, 1588

This realy looked as if at home, behind the town


Broken open gravetomb

Mary-Magdalene, Alfred Stevens 1887

De Grootmeester

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