Small mining town

Just a little document on a small mining town, Collinsville. Charlley McQuade-Hall

Each house carries stories of those who have been and left.

Out of money and out of reach...

yet, those who have stayed, believe there is still hope.

“So many childhood memories”

With many of its quirks, it’s a town that fulfils children’s curiosities.

One of the many abandoned houses of Collinsville.

“Due to government bureaucracy the town is dying a slow and agonising death, with businesses and families suffering” S.A.M

Though given no thought by others, it became a haven of photo opportunities that couldn’t be captured any where else.

Bowen river the place of many childhood adventures, now and yesterday.

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Collinsville girl.

My first documentary on something that I find important to rural Australia, and the small mining town’s people; who have been forgotten and neglected, but still left with a life time of memories.

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