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Chris Belcina

Australian-based Chris Belcina is part nurse and part adventure photographer. We are proud to showcase his stunning photography here on Steller! Read on and learn more about Steller Ambassador @chrisbelcina.

How would you describe your photography style?

“Genuine & natural with a touch of adventure.” That’s the best way I could describe it. My style is a mix of portraits and landscapes, combining both worlds and throwing in a bit of film-like vibes to complete my creative vision of capturing a story or an emotion.

Your Steller stories immerse the reader in experiences. What are your key ingredients to telling a good story?

Providing moments and stories that capture ones attention is quite challenging. For me, the top ingredients in sharing a story would be: Revealing the natural – share what your eyes and heart see, not what you think people or the world wants to see, incorporating your very own perspective and feeling into the photo. Another top ingredient is the awareness of situation – knowing your subject, getting them comfortable which reveals their true raw feeling in that moment, which then creates the crucial and most important ingredient in a photo, genuine emotion.

You've been all over the world. Tell us about one place that changed you and how?

Of the all the places I’ve been to, Australia has impacted me a lot. There is something about this amazing country that made me realise that the simple moments will always be the best memories. Aside from our famous sick as avo toastie and mint beaches, this place transforms you to a laid back chill soul.

Tell us one place you've been to that you would not rush back to again and why?

Honestly, the places I’ve gone to have all been wonderful. There is no single spot I have visited that would make me go, “Eh maybe next time.” Each place ignites different adventures which makes me realise that indeed there is so much more to explore. Every day is truly an adventure.

What's a guilty pleasure you have?

I’m simple guy, really but then again my guiltiest pleasure would be a sunset on a beach, good music, quality company and beer. Now that’s how it should be.

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