Colorado Trail 2019

Yes they are in chronological order.

July 8th- Segment 6 (East Half) Today was an incredible day.. The weather was beautiful, my feet felt so much better, and I met some friendly hikers along the way. The climb up to Georgia Pass was gradual and steady. About halfway up, I met two other East Coast thru-Hikers named Wander and Cup-A-Tea. We all made it to the top of the pass for lunch and to soak up the views. I was very surprised by the amount of snow patches still on the other side of the pass. Every 10 feet or so you would need to climb 4-5 feet up a snowbank and down again. Post holing was minimal, but it was still an exhausting decent. Nonetheless, I am at about 11,600 feet camping in the trees alone with the sun shining, and no bugs. This is perfection. Mileage: 14.5 High: Eating Lunch at the top of Georgia Pass Low: The snow patches coming down Hardness: 6/10 Beauty: 9/10

July 9th - Segment 6 (West Half) Today was a good day overall. I am getting fantastic blue bird weather, which feels unusual to the last time I did these segments! Hiking mostly in the trees today, but it was HOT! I think I have found a correlation between my feet hurting and hotter temperatures. Tomorrow will be the most challenging day so far, with lots of snow to go through. I am hoping to meet someone to traverse the snow with while I’m up there, for safety reasons. I met three female thru-hikers traveling together , and it was nice talking to some of the same species for a change (hah). Anyways, I am definitely tired and getting an early start tomorrow! Mileage: 14.5 High: relaxing at camp Low: hiking uphill in the heat with no shade Harness: 7/10 Beauty: 6/10

Starting to take “close up” images.. can you guess what this is?

July 10th - Segment 7 I couldn’t even get around to writing this entry yesterday because I was so tired. I don’t think I have ever pushed myself physically as I did on Segment 7. To start, it was a very hot day and started out with a steep climb in a fire burn area. Before I even got to the snow patches I was exhausted. There was about a mile of snow in the trees and then a steep climb up a soft snowfield. At that point I started to feel nauseous and dizzy. I tried to eat something and couldn’t keep it down. After resting for a while I made the climb to the saddle. I soon realized I had a long way to go before reaching the summit of Peak 5. with hardly any energy and not having eaten much all day, I began the steep hillside traverse to the peak. This was extremely tedious as every step I had to stick my pole into the snow before taking another step. After five hours since I first encountered the snow I made it to the peak alive. I was still experiencing nausea dizziness and heat exhaustion so I headed down to Copper as quickly as possible. I still cannot believe how physically difficult and frustrating this day was. I underestimated how challenging snow can be on an already difficult climb. Mileage : 17 High: eating Cheetos at top of ridge Low: possible heat exhaustion? Altitude sickness? Hardness: 10/10 Beauty: 9/10

July 11th- Segment 8 Today was a completely different day than yesterday. Although I traveled through a similar number of snow miles, it was dramatically easier and less exhausting. I think the major difference, is that the climb up to Searle pass was more gradual and shaded. Also, there wasn’t huge snowfields where it was easy to lose the trail. Instead, there were many small patches of snow which were easy to navigate through. The snow itself was relatively hard packed and I only sank through to my knees a handful of times. The entire day was beautiful, and I only ran into three people. I think that snow travel is much more doable when you are going downhill. As I was crossing over to Elk ridge, I started naming the snow patches I encountered for fun. I think SearlePass might be my favorite section of the whole trail. Every time I hike through it, snow or no snow, I feel like the world is standing still and there is nothing that could bother me. Overall I had a much better day and I am continually impressed with how my body responds to challenging situations. Mileage: 13.5 High: walking through Searle pass Low: feeling hot Hardness: 9/10 Beauty: 10/10

Reminded me of a Zebra pattern

How do I cross this?

The snow itself looks like a small mountain range!

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign."


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