How to get the URL to a Steller Collection


All is WHATSAPP now. So many messages, pictures, videos, audios reach you from everywhere. To avoid sending heavy files, spoiling memory, one better sends links instead. Steller gives you the link to a story, but not to a hole bunch of stories. Imagine you want to introduce someone into TOKYO Link to 1 STORY or better, a link to 15 STORIES How to do this while staying upon your mobile device?

Where to get links to Steller collections without leaving your mobile device?

STEP 1 Go to GOOGLE or SAFARI and SEARCH your STELLER ACCOUNT upon Steller. Better choose COLLECTIONS STEP 2 but hold the line long for opening a new pop-up menu allowing you to open your Steller account in GOOGLE


Don’t touch but hold for long

Stay in your standard browser Google/Safari and search for yourselves on Steller. open in Steller but stay in Google and put your Steller Collection page in your homescreen


A black dot will appear on your home screen. Give it a name and drag it next to Steller

If you do not want to make Collections, you can now let Steller make the Collection and send the URL link

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