Dutch Nature

and the things I see on my bike

I now live in the Netherlands and I #cycle every day on my bike. I use my bike as an alternative means of commuting to and from work. I also use it frequently to #wander and #explore my surroundings. #thenetherlands #nature #adventure 🚴‍♂️

Having the chance to cycle everywhere means I get to experience many new and interesting places. Opportunities to do things I enjoy, like immersing myself with the impressive nature, that is found all around. 🌿

Wherever you cycle there is an abundance of #stellernature and landscapes, so peaceful and green. #stellerlandscapes 🚴‍♂️

Dutch Skies intrigue me, they are so extensive due to the flat landscapes and so varied due to the forever changing weather conditions, that are occur day to day. Many painters have been inspired by what they see and it continues to form the ideal inspiration for my photography skills too. 🌿

There are many peaceful places, to be found all around, where water flows freely and provides us with the perfect location to stop, think and collect your thoughts.

My cycle routes take me down some of the finest tree lined roads. Planted to help us shelter from the wind, or provide the perfect perspective for my photography skills.

This tree is a favourite of mine. It continually provides a wonderful source of inspiration for my photography at on Instagram @garethmate

Many thanks for reading my latest Steller Story. I appreciate you passing by. If you would like to read more of my stories and blogs, feel free to view my website at www.garethmate.com or my regular photography on Instagram @garethmate #stellerstories #stellerplaces #thenetherlands #photography #cycling #landscapes

Fin _ 🌿

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