Midsummer, that point of the year that you look forward to when in the depths of winter, yet when it arrives, you don’t want it to pass. You don’t want the days to creep shorter. You want to hang on to every moment of light.

We wanted to mark the day. I could write lots at this point about the importance of light and how hard I find the lack of light in our winters, but… just know that while I prefer cool days to warm, light is everything. So we wanted to remember the summer solstice and the late sunset. We headed down the coast to John Muir Country Park.

The light was beautiful, glowing pink and orange. In hindsight, we should have checked the tide times. We could have gone elsewhere and watched the sun set over the water. But still, we watched the sun set over the bay, and sitting here on this bench, having a picnic, we had the place to ourselves.

moments like this, right?

time to go home.

June 21 2019

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