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A story and images from memorable visit to Northern Sweden and the far reaches of Swedish Lapland 🇸🇪 #Stellerstories #Swedishlapland #Sweden #Adventure #Stelleradventure

To be able to fly from Rotterdam to Skellefteå, Sweden in 2 hours and then drive onwards into the Arctic Circle seemed like a distant dream. It was a dream I had long to fulfil, and a trip I'd long to take for quite some time. This was my chance to finally live it, feel it, experience it and enjoy it. #StellerTravel #Travel #StellerStories

In northernmost Sweden you will find the wonderful Abisko National Park. It is a magical place, so natural, beautiful in appearance and largely untamed by man #abiskonationalpark

Spending time in this wonderful landscape certainly makes you appreciate everything you have in life. It makes you stop, think and further highlights the importance of looking after the things you treasure and enjoy. Swedish Lapland is one of Europe's last natural wilderness. It is still largely, untouched by the ignorance of man, but sadly it is becoming more and more affected by climate change. #Arcticcircle #Wilderness #Europe #Photography

Ice Hotel

Having the chance to visit and stay the night in the original Ice Hotel was an amazing experience, and one that I shall never forget. 🙂 Yes, it was cold, and somewhat surreal, but it was magical and something I would thoroughly recommend anyone to do, if the opportunity presents itself. #Icehotel #Lapland

Kukkolaforsen and the traditional buildings that are found all around. Across the river is Finland 🇫🇮

Swedish houses are divine! I really enjoyed seeing their presence (everywhere) and the familiar #Scandinavian style.

Abisko views and the start of the #kungsleden hiking trail. Sweden's longest and most beautiful walks. One day I will go back and walk it all! #Hikingdays

Cabin love ❤️ With traditional wooden cabins found almost everywhere, in the Swedish landscape. How can you not fall in love with these glorious landscape features?

Many thanks for stopping by and reading my latest story all about Swedish Lapland. If you enjoyed reading it and would like to find a whole lot more, then please feel free to visit my website www.garethmate.com where I regularly blog and write about the outdoors, travel and well-being. Thanks for reading Gareth _ #Stellerid #Outdoors #Blogger

Fin ~

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  • coppernotes

    Wow, that shot over the water on page 16! (I think it’s 16 - not as easy to tell on the new format!) So so peaceful 🙌🏻

  • garethmate

    @coppernotes Yes, page 16. It was an amazing experience. So remote and so quiet. I spent a long time here.

  • coppernotes

    I bet you did! It’s so peaceful, you’d just want to linger and soak it all in.

  • Leontine

    immersed in nature: regenerating!

  • garethmate

    @Leontine beautiful natural landscape


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