saturday 15 june



On some walks at Yellowcraig, if it’s late in the day, we’ll head straight to the beach, but on this walk back in June, we’d driven through rain to get here, and it was still raining lightly as we parked, so we headed into the shelter of the woods first. It was so green, just brilliantly green, the colour of fresh new life. And all you could hear was birdsong.


I’ve mentioned the work that’s been done both here and at North Berwick to protect the beaches from erosion. At North Berwick, giant boulders were placed at one section of the beach, while here fences were erected to protect and reinstate sections of the dunes that have been washed away in successive storms.

There’s something about coming around this bend, from the long expanse of beach into the bay, and seeing this view. As you walk back along the beach, you can see the glow of the sunset ahead, but you can’t tell what the light is doing until you reach this point, looking out across the water to Fidra Island with its lighthouse.

the end.

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