St John the Baptists Catholic Church

Ammansville, Texas

The Town was named after one of the first settlers, Andrew Ammann. Settled in 1870, by German and Czech immigrants. Mr Ammann, who immigrated from Austria received architectural training and certification. He designed the Fayetteville County Jail. The majority of immigrants were farmers, with the main crop being cotton. The first Cotton Gin was built in the area by the residents in 1877 (three of them actually). Through the years, ownership changed, and the Gins went from wood to steam. The last one closed in the 1960’s

Remnants of the last Cotton Gin Barn

When approaching Ammannsville, the first thing you notice is St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Built in 1890. Unfortunately the Hurricane of 1909, demolished it. It was rebuilt, when a fire, in October 1917, destroyed it again. The residents were able to rescue six statues and the Crucifix. They are currently residing inside the Church. Dedicated in 1919, the Gothic-Revival architecture and the intricate painting inside is part of Texas’ famous painted Churches. There are currently over 25 Churches Registered with this distinction.

These are two of the Statues saved from the Fire in 1917. Hidden away in the attic of the Priests home, forgotten. A parishioner found them (so the story goes). Refurbished, painted and restored them to Church in the 1980’s or 90’s.

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