The Legends of LEPAKSHI

Of divinity, spirituality & history

in the Hindu epic Ramayana Jataayu, The King of birds, fights the demon Ravana to rescue Sita (lord Rama’s wife) whom Ravana had kidnapped. During this battle jataayu is fatally injured and loses both his wings. When Lord Rama, in pursuit of Ravana, meets JataAyu in his final moments he says ‘Le Pakshi’ or ‘Arise Bird’ and so begin the legends of the site of this meeting - the legends of Lepakshi.

The 16the century rulers of Lepakshi build a temple in the town which house both shrines for multiple deities and legends of history and architecture about the build of this temple.

this monolith (The second largest in India) of the bull Nandi guards the gates of lepakshi’s temple. Unlike other Nandi statues this one does not bow its head towards the temple.

the main shrine is dedicated to Veerabhadra Swamy, an incarnation of lord shiva with shrines for other gods and goddesses.

One of the pillars in this temple is said to hang without any support. An attempt from a British engineer to move this pillar to study it led to the whole temple complex shaking making the engineer fear for his life and abandoning his experiment.

These pillars are said to be the unfinished site of a ‘Kalyana Mantapa’ or a marriage hall which was built in the hope of that once completed lord shiva and goddess Parvati would wed here.

This monolith of the serpent god naga is said to have been carved in an Hour, while the sculptor (s)? waited for lunch to be prepared.

And of course there is this total legend, my friend, @Mezen who spent her hard earned Saturday driving me to and from Lepakshi and showing me around!

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  • anup

    Awesome.. where is this temple located?

  • t3j1

    @anup it’s around 1.5 hours from Bangalore airport, just across the border in Andhra Pradesh. :-)


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