north berwick

sunday june 16

I’ve been thinking about starting a new series called #weekendwalks. Most of the stories I share here are from our weekend trips, but we also have other walks that are just… regular. To John Muir Country Park or beach walks at Ravensheugh, Yellowcraig and North Berwick. I don’t always share those as maybe there aren’t as many photos, or I figure that I’ve already shared these places and they’re too… familiar.

But a location can feel different depending on the light or the weather or the time of day; skies shifting from dreamy pastels or brilliant blues to looming clouds. However familiar the scenes, theses are the places where I decompress, breathe in fresh sea air, and feel inspired to take some photos.

So I’m starting with this beach walk at North Berwick on Sunday 16 June.

I mentioned in my ‘erosion’ story about work having been carried out on the beaches at North Berwick and Yellowcraig to combat coastal erosion. At North Berwick, giant boulders have been stacked along a section of the beach, replacing a timber retaining wall that was here before. It’s easy to walk past without really looking given that these boulders aren’t part of the natural landscape here, but there are some beautiful colours and patterns in the different stones.

the end.

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