June 10 - 16th 2019

@jordanfoy started a new series called #shotsoftheweek to share his favourite photos from each week. I love this idea. I’m guilty of working on a story idea or two, getting caught up in something else, and time passes and my camera roll gets filled up with more photos to edit… and those stories get pushed back and back. Shots of the Week feels like a great way to just… share. Not any planning as such. The photos are already there, ready. I like this simplicity. So these are some of my favourite photos from week 24.

Shots of the Week

What makes some photos favourites? It isn’t just about the specifics of the photo for me. It’s mostly about the moment. The light; the memory of that walk; a sense of peace. I realise that these photos are all either of Harris and Bracken, or from our coastal walks. Certain spots that my eye is always drawn to. Walking under brooding skies.

This photo of Harris was my favourite from week 24. It was a damp weekend walk at Yellowcraig, We headed through the woods, staying dry below the dense canopy of leaves, then along the golf course. We paused here, at this little timber shelter, where the golf course meets the beach, and I took this photo.


June 10-16

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