EUS California

Looking Back On Spring 2019

We Hope You’ll Enjoy & Share This Series Of Highlights Of Your Studies In San Diego USA at CALIFORNIA INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS UNIVERSITY

Arizona Road Trip - Study Tour

Departing For The Grand Canyon Tour

The Dinners & The Local Culture

Even Smokey the Bear Was Cold...

Hanging Out In The Warm Sun In Historic Jerome Arizona

Spectacular Sedona Arizona

Enough Snow Let’s Head Home

Let The Team Building Begin

Our Mountain & Desert Tour

Retailing From The 1880s At Santa Ysabel

That Doppelgänger!

Eagle Mine Exploring Californias Mining History

Being Warmly Welcomed At Borrego Springs High School

Meeting Local Students & Sharing Each Others Stories & Cultures

Enthusiastic Bus Driver

Playing Basketball 🏀 With Local Students

Exploring The Rare Sight Of The Desert 🌵 Covered In Wildflowers

Martha Deichler From Borrego Springs School District Leading Us In Song!

Enjoying An Evening At The House Of Denmark 🇩🇰 At Balboa Park

A Final Tour Of San Diego

Exams Time!

Sunset 🌅 Our Final Beach BBQ

Hiking In The Mountains Of San Diego - Mount Laguna

We’re So Happy To Have Met You All & Hosted You Here In San Diego. Please Help Us Spread the Word By Sharing This Story & Come Back & See Us Soon!

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