Cabo San Lucas

Naturally Beautiful

Cabo was a wonderful place to celebrate our anniversary. Once we pushed our way through the Time Share hawkers at the airport (major turn off) and checked into our hotels, we were able to settle in and embrace the natural beauty surrounding us. We stayed at two resorts—one on the Pacific Ocean sand the other on the Sea of Cortez. The Sea of Cortez offered calmer waters than the Pacific but the crash of ocean waves was magical.

Sea of Cortez

This stone window divides the Sea of Cortez (facing you) and the Pacific Ocean. If you look closely you can see the different energies of the two body of waters.

This is “Lovers Beach”. It faces the calmer Sea of Cortez. Directly on the other side is “Divorce Beach”. It sits on the turbulent Pacific Ocean.

The calmer waters in the Sea of Cortez are friendlier to swimmers and boaters

As the sun sets to the calm of the Sea , it will rise to the raging waters of the Ocean as we travel to another side of Cabo.

Pacific Ocean

Unlike the Sea of Cortez the Pacific Ocean never rests. #loveCabo #stellerstories #digitalstory #worldfootprints #mexico #cabosanlucas #seaofcortez #pacificocean

Hi there! I’m Tonya Fitzpatrick, a Founder of award-winning World Footprints and a Delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (63rd Session). Thank you for exploring the natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas with me. I was there with my husband, Ian, to celebrate our anniversary. Please join me on future journeys by liking our #Steller stories and following us on Steller and social media @worldfootprints

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