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Simone Wittgen

Simone Wittgen is a talented photographer based in the Netherlands. We are proud to showcase her beautiful stories here on Steller. Read on and learn more about Steller Ambassador @simone_wit!

How would you describe your photography style?

Serene, feminine and with a main role for light.

Your Steller stories immerse the reader in experiences. What are your key ingredients to telling a good story?

Tell stories about things or places you are passionate about. Stay true to one style, your style, in your images, and only use images and videos of high quality. Arouse curiosity by choosing a simple but eye-catching cover. Choose a story angle before you begin. I, for example, publish two types of stories: 1) travel guides with practical info in bite-sized chunks (with links); and 2) more emotional poetic stories in which I express the feelings a destiny or subject evokes in me.

You've been all over the world. Tell us about one place that changed you and how?

My wanderlust started off when I did an internship abroad, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. I found out I can feel at home far away from home, and that I easily connect with people from all over the world. A more recent life-changing discovery was my first trip to the island Vlieland in my own country, the Netherlands. When I stood on the Vliehors, aka the β€œSahara of the North,” I felt so peaceful and united with nature. This place taught me I have a crush on serene and remote islands, and that feeling happy doesn't require more than a place that energizes you.

Tell us one place you've been to that you would not rush back to again and why?

I've been to Dominican Republic, and although I loved the island, I felt stressed because the locals would try to sell even the sand in my hand every minute of the day. And once I got lost in Vancouver (a wonderful city) and ended up in a bad neighborhood where I didn't feel safe. These things are the downside of traveling, but they don't win it from all the good stuff that comes out of it.

What's a guilty pleasure you have?

Singing along with bad taste songs (from the 80's/ 90's) very loudly. Not only in the shower...

Click to see more of @simone_wit's work on her Steller profile! Tune in next week for Sara De Luigi

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