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In the UK, there are 190 design practices with studios mainly working in the restaurant and bar sector. More and more they focus upon social media presence and a strong website. Compared to 3 years ago, they reduce efforts in maintaining large libraries. Research happens online. B&R refurbishment cycli move from 5-7 years towards 2-3 years. Upholstery gets an even more frequent refresh.

The Pottery Shed, Maidstone

Key Interior Trends

1. Fauna and flora 2. Customer experience 3. Instagrammable moments 4. Outdoor space 5. Uniqueness 6. Authenticity

The Florist, Liverpool

Fauna and Flora

The Pottery Shed, UK

2. Customer experience

3. Instagrammable moments

Bar Douro LONDON

3. Outdoor space

Uniqueness Blue Wave, Barcelona

The Jane, Antwerp

5. Uniqueness

Grotte Pallazese, Puglia, Italy

Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant 3842m, Chamonix, France

Giraffe Mannor

Gryuyère, Switserland

Truth, Coffee shop Cape Town

6. Authenticity

Avobar, London Designlsm

Otomat, Ghent

Work in progress

Healthy eating and drinking Less drinking but better Sustainable food

Food trends

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