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The Village is a tranquil green oasis on the Water of Leith, only five minutes walk from Princes Street.

Dean Village was previously where milling of water mills took place, of which remains of this can still be seen by visitors. Hidden in the village, you will come across a variety of mill stones and stone plaques decorated with baked bread and pies. The Dean Bridge can also be found if you walk along the walkway following the Water of Leith. The Bridge and St Bernard's Well were both designed by Thomas Telford.

The most striking building in the Dean Village is Well Court, recently restored with support from Edinburgh World Heritage. Built in the 1880s as model housing for local workers, it adds to the picturesque charm of the area.

And from the other side of the bridge, the views keep changing.

Dean Cemetery in Edinburgh is a place of tranquility and unique beauty that today carries out funerals with the same sense of quiet dignity that it has been providing since it opened its gates in 1846.

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It was one of the first cemeteries in the Edinburgh to be laid out along formal lines and the trees that were planted more than a century ago have grown now to maturity, giving the Dean Cemetery the atmosphere of a peaceful garden.

Despite a long and distinguished history, the Dean Cemetery still has plots available and its prices are competitive with other cemeteries in Edinburgh. To many people, this comes as a great surprise, for the inscriptions that decorate the fine memorials that line the pathways read like a roll call of the great and the good of Scottish history.

Circus Lane is a beautiful old cobbled street with old lampposts, creeping greenery and lovely houses, making for a perfect village scene, just 15 minutes from Dean Village.

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It’s easy to find Circus Lane from the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh. It lies just behind St Stephen Street, which is one of the main bar-filled areas in Stockbridge.

My favourite time to visit is late spring, early summer where the flowers are blooming beautifully adoring the streets.

Hope this story inspired you to take a walk in Edinburgh’s hidden lanes and villages...

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