17th June, 2019

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This week on steller

This Week on Steller

Two weeks in a row on Featured Authors, we’re on a roll! Last week we saw incredible new stories with all the new themes. We’re literally blown away with how good these look! As always, go follow these people and enjoy their stories with us!


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Ascend to the high altitude desert (15,000 feet above sea level) in Northern India to see the few remaining nomadic communities persisting against the easy money of high tourism.

By @100by50

With the Moutain People

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By @petehalvorsen

Father’s Day Weekend Staycation

Go on a Father’s Day camping trip with the Halvorsens in Beverly Hills. The views alone make this a special staycation!

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Search for quaintness in the heart of Budapest, and discover the oldest hotel in the city, right in the center of the historic castle district.

Weekend Walkabouts From Buda to Pest

By @T3j1

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BY @pazporelmun

Something Magical in Liwa Desert

Get together with like-minded people from all walks of life, switch off the WiFi, the data signal and the phone, and connect with those around you in the incredible Liwa Desert.

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BY @martintadashi

Girls and Boys From...

Let Martin show you how he creates special moments with his friends through the lens with these stunning portraits.

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