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Lauren Bath

Lauren Bath pioneered the Australian influencer industry with her incredible photography and impressive client list. We are proud to showcase her talents here on Steller. We caught up with Steller Ambassador @laurenepbath and learnt more about her and what she does.

How would you describe your photography style?

My photography style is broad when it comes to genres, but identifiable across various subjects. It’s strange, but people say that they always recognize my work from a crowd. I’ve worked hard to resist the urge of following trends in types of shots and editing styles, and I’m super proud that my style is my very own. I love to photograph wildlife, landscapes, elements of nature and people but I’m also comfortable photographing food, urban environments and man-made scenes. I err away from cluttered frames, ultra-wide angles and cliche shots. I run towards symmetry, uncomplicated compositions and sharpness.

Your Steller stories immerse the reader in experiences. What are your key ingredients to telling a good story?

The key to telling a good story, in my mind, is to actually tell a story. So many people forget that the fundamental of storytelling is to share an experience and to take the viewer along for the ride. I use a combination of words and images to achieve this, never one or the other. To me, an image quickly draws a viewer into the world and then words complete the picture.

You've been all over the world. Tell us about one place that changed you and how?

There are actually two places that have fundamentally changed me as a person and shifted my perceptions. One is Bali. Bali was a powerful destination, and one that caused me to upend my life 10 years ago; to aspire to loftier life goals and to dream of a life of travel. (That I have since accomplished.) Bali made me see the potential in life and acted as a massive catalyst for the change I needed. The other is Zimbabwe. Zim balanced me out at a time that I desperately needed balance. In Zimbabwe, I truly understood life in a way that I hadn’t before. Human/wildlife conflict, the real fight for animal rights and conservation, low socio-economic status and how so many people “survive” around the world. Zimbabwe made me realize that I was put on this planet to achieve big things, but I could do those things without losing myself.

Tell us one place you've been to that you would not rush back to again and why?

There isn’t a place on this planet that doesn’t deserve a visit and a re-visit. Tourism has the ability to truly unite us as a species. Have I had bad experiences in certain destinations? For sure I have. Have I been out of my comfort zone at times? All the time! But often our own mind is responsible for our experience, and there’s always an opportunity to change our “story."

What's a guilty pleasure you have?

Not many people know this about me, I can’t believe I’m sharing ... I’ve always been an avid reader, demolishing all kinds of books at a rapid pace my whole life. For a few years, when I started traveling full time, I forgot to read, and it left a big void in my life. Since those days I have picked up reading again and my tastes are just as varied and eclectic. However, I ALWAYS, have a Victorian romance novel on the go! There’s just something about a simple and uncomplicated love story that gets me every time! So my iPad might have several books open: a deep thinker ("Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari), something around diet and lifestyle ("Protest Kitchen" by Carol J. Adams and Virginia Messina), a bestseller ("The Tattooist of Auschwitz" by Heather Morris) and then “Romancing the Duke”! It’s hilarious, but I can’t stop!

Click to see more of @laurenepbath's work on her Steller profile! Tune in next week for Simone Wittgen!

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  • mombo

    Incredible photos and a great story

  • GaGePetSitting

    Love it! So true about “There isn’t a place on this planet that doesn’t deserve a visit and a re-visit.” Congratulations to your achievements Lauren!

  • coppernotes

    So great to read your answers @laurenepbath - especially on how travel has been the catalyst for change, and those places that changed you and why. I so so wish I’d travelled when I was younger - properly travelled, rather than going on trips that were related to work. I’d still love to, but now other things stand in the way - family commitments, money, fear! But to open your eyes through these experiences, and then to be able to shape a life through work that enables you to travel and explore - well done!

  • laurenepbath

    @copperline thank you so much! I actually didn’t even go overseas for the first time until I was 25/26 and didn’t start traveling seriously until I was in my early 30’s. I’ve made up for lost time. Haha

  • coppernotes

    You certainly have, which is brilliant! Great that you created your own path 🙌🏻

  • kingamnich

    This is just so so cool. And so personal. Absolutely love it!!!


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