Passage between Europe and the Middle East, less wide but more sharp than Istanbul.


Shame on me, passing here for the first time.

Funny cloud above Beirut

German sausages, the brasserie version of German Gymnasium in St. Pancras, London READ MORE

Fitness is an important occupation

Bernard Khoury DW5 Architecture

Electricity nowhere and everywhere

6 of these in a row!?

One does not drink, one does not eat porc, one does not smoke (weed), one does not speak arabic and still it was an unforgetable and definitly the latest “late lunch” ever. English and Arabic appeared to be the easiest languages. The next day, for a client preferring French, we all spoke French.

Restaurant Mounir

Lebananon is full of hills and mountains. There is snow in the winter. This part of Beirut is land inwards towards Damascus, 1h further up.

The 1975-1990 civil war is still everywhere.

Line of the day “When asking Chineese ‘how much?’, they always reply ‘how many?’ Me, i always need one floor only”

What a location and what an office for a studio Raëd Abillama Architects

Award winning building by Raëd Abillama Architects


In Europe, police officers rank higher than traffic lights In Lebanon, traffic lights rank nowhere without a police officer 😉 When 40 km/h is the maximum speed,, the actual speed is 80 km/h. Most go slightly more fast than 80 km/h. The idea of speed limitation is not yet established. So many love Lebanon for the feeling of liberty.

Dark when leaving Beirut but light when reaching Frankfurt

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