If you saw the first part of our coastal walk at Elie on Saturday 1 June, you’ll know that we had some beautiful light and dramatic skies. The first story closed as we were leaving the path that leads from Elie, past Elie Ness Lighthouse and Lady’s Tower, and heading to the beach. This story picks up where the last ended, returning along the beach, photographing the changing light on the water and the textures and tones of the shore.

part two

I love photographing rock pools and stones and pebbles and seaweed, all these natural textures and small moments that pass with the ebb and flow of the tide. I think this dates back to childhood as I grew up by the sea and would spend my walks collecting shells. It’s in my DNA.

We don’t see much debris washed up on our regular beach walks, but on this wee stretch of beach we found a couple of tyres; a heap of ropes and fragments of net, no doubt washed up from fishing boats; a big plastic container; and two jackets, one that appeared almost tie-dyed with the effect of being in the water. Where had these come from?

Pebbles. This section of the beach has the most beautiful pebbles. On our last walk here we picked up a few to take home. This time, I resisted and simply took some photos. There are always individual stones that catch my eye.

After our walk, we headed to The Ship Inn for a cuppa and sat outside on the patio overlooking the main beach, again finding this dramatic light ☞

This was a good walk.


Thanks for following along. If you missed the beginning of this story, you can see part one here.

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