The Art of Food

When most people think about Irish food Bangers and Mash (one of my favs) comes to mind. And, of course Guinness is the national drink and it’s what Ireland is known for. However, Ireland is much more than the staple foods and drink. Irish chefs have turned culinary experiences into artistic expressions for the palate. (Oh yeah, the portions are very generous.) Feast your eyes. #digitalireland #loveireland #foodart #culinaryart #worldfootprints #tourismireland

Some of the best scallops I’ve ever had

HamHock with Mustard Sauce

Mount Falcon

Amuse-bouche from

A Fush Platter for one that was made for two

Almost to pretty to eat but...😜


It’s not everyday that you get to drink your fave 😆

Irish coffee at the end of a meal is an imperative

Tonya Fitzpatrick

Loves seafood from Ireland. Tonya, a Delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 63rd, is a Founder and Publisher of award-winning World Footprints travel media company. She is also a three-time TEDx presenter and international speaker. Her mission is to share our common humanity through discussions about travel.

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