Killruddery House

Ireland’s Ancient East #BestOfIreland

Killruddery House & Gardens in Bray, County Wicklow, has quite a history.

The house as it stands dates from the 1820s, though the Earls of Meath have resided here since 1618. Guided tours are available and recommended to truly appreciate this grand estate.

The Orangery, built in 1852, was inspired by the Crystal Palace in London.

There’s a legend that says the family tiara was sold to finance the building of the Orangery, and it’s thought that the crenellations around the dome were created in the same design of the tiara. The dome was designed by Richard Turner, known for his work at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin.

The collection of marble statues were brought back by the 11th Earl after a tour of Italy from 1830-1850.

The Gardens at Killruddery House are spectacular when in bloom. Though they were created by the 3rd & 6th Earls of Meath, the formal layout was designed by the French Gardener, Bonet, in 1682.

Bonet had been a disciple of Andre Leon Norte who created the Gardens at the Palace of Versailles. This was one of my favorite areas.

This gardens to the left of the pond would be perfect for a family photo shoot.

Catch the reflection in the lake for fun Instagram shots.

A tour will take you into the area where the Clock Tower is located.

The stables are also located in this area.

I was wishing we’d been able to visit on Saturday for the Farm Market. Items usually available are jams and jellies -including Lady Meath’s Marmalade, freshly baked bread, Killruddery orchard eggs, pesto, soups, stews, and more. Check the opening times so you can make the most of your visit.

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