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Irish Food


When traveling, I love diving into a country’s heritage through food. I will schnitzel in Germany, shawarma in Turkey, get Nasi Goreng’d in Bali, and live on pineapples in Hawaii.

Last year, I spent a lot of time exploring Eastern Europe… the land of the potato. I tried every local traditional food which ended up being a lot of those potatoes. I am still potato’d out!!!! As a former Californian, my gut is trained on greens and a lighter cuisine.

Still, I made myself a list for my Ireland trip of the traditional foods including potato dishes of Boxty, Coddle. and Colcannon and Champ. This was also a question I received from friends & family… Did you eat a lot of potatoes?

My trip took me all over Ireland. I saw some old potato ridges from farming potatoes in the 1800’s .... but there was so much more than potatoes on the menus.

Seafood (LOVE!) imaginative meals with ingredients I never would have imagined combining and fresh, fresh, fresh ingredients.


My favorite dish:

The Mustard Seed

Risotto with blueberries, beetroot, fennel, blue cheese, pumpkin seed


Food Tour of Ireland


But there were a LOT of runners-up

Galway • Ireland

Ard Bia at Nimmo’s

1837 Restaurant

Dublin • ireland

Guinness Storehouse

Glen Keen Farm

Mayo • Ireland

Herbert Restaurant

Killarney • Ireland

Cahernane House Hotel

Dublin • Ireland

The 1780

Portmarnock Hotel

The Mustard Seed

Ballingarry • Limerick• Ireland

Portmagee • Kerry • Ireland

The Bridge Bar

Fade Street Social

Dublin • Ireland

Caherdaniel • Ireland

O’Carol’s Cove Beach Bar

Delphi Mountain Resort

Leenane • Galway • Ireland

Westport • Ireland

Cian’s on Bridge Street

Mulranny Park Hotel

Mayo • Ireland


Dublin • Ireland

Talbot’s Seafood Bar

Belmulllet • Ireland

Traditional Food

The one traditional food served often (and I love) - Soda Bread. A little different everywhere as every family has their own recipe.

Thank goodness for some good long hikes around Ireland!

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