The dean hotel was the best hotel I’ve ever stayed it. It felt comfortable, it had everything I needed, it was fun and one more thing... The staff were the best! So welcoming and friendly, it almost felt like I’d stayed there before and they were welcoming me back.

The first impressions are that this place is fun, it’s not fancy for the point of being fancy, and that’s the case! The finishing touches to this place have been thoughtfully placed. We got a coffee at the bar and had a walk around the hotel.

There’s a function room downstairs that we didn’t see as there was a wedding on. This is just an excuse to share this image!

There’s also an outside space which is so comfy... and look at it!

We couldn’t hang around in the hotel all day unfortunately and went for lunch. The hotel is a 3/4 minute walk into the city centre of Dublin. After all that walking we headed back to the Dean for a glass of wine...

and the Sophie’s bar at the Dean sure did deliver!

In the morning we got up real early (first one’s up it seemed) and had breakfast at Sophie’s, restaurant by day! I had the pancakes... mmmm pancakes!

Behind the scenes

A special thanks to the Dean for making our experience the best hotel experience we’ve had!

Oh, you might have noticed I haven’t mentioned about the room. It’s that good it has to be its own story! Click to see the Dean penthouse!

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  • coppernotes

    And this... 🖤

  • voegs

    We stayed here our first night in Dublin, it’s amazing! Their “sister” hotel the Devlin is just as incredible.

  • simone_wit

    Page 10 with the timelapse in the bar in the three photo-gris! Super idea! Gonna steal that one day 😉 The hotel will be happy with your report!

  • EmmaLConnolly

    Wow it looks amazing! Thank you for sharing it, I’ll add it to my list of places to go.

  • jordanfoy

    @simone_wit I think they were! It was such a good hotel.

  • jordanfoy

    @EmmaLConnolly You should, the design is on point.


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