HO952 Anthracite 22x138x3200 HO953 Anthracite 22x183x3200 HO955 Vulcan 22x138x3200 HO954 Vulcan 22x183x3200

Wood Look Composite Deck

Mixable widths 183 and 138mm


Vulcan Anthracite


Mixable widths 183 and 138mm Fitting Instructions Download PDF

Deckings expand on a daily basis: early morning they are in their smallest dimension, on a hot afternoon, they are in their largest dimension. Wood Composite deckings expand about 1mm per M pet 10°C Therefore, in Dubai, with 10°C in the morning, a 3M long plank will expand 12mm by the time it is 50°C in the afternoon. Stainless clip take care of this in the width, gaps between the floorboards take of this in the width. Walking barefoot upon a composite deck feels less hot when there are grooves

more natural look and feel than ever before

These natural looking grooves, also called RIBBED, look more natural than the usual grooved Trekker Floors

Ribbed (a special kind of Grooved) Fluted

Anti corrosive clip to be installed with anti corrosive screws

Messing up with ↙️ olive oil

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