Dining in China

Food is always fresh

This lobster was one of the biggest i have ever seen in a restaurant

Food is always fresh, especially seafood. This squid apeared to be alife.

The worst i ever found was a ducks head.

Sometimes one finds chicken feet in soup.

Myself, i suffer with the nails of chicken feet. Also without nails, chicken feet are not my favorite.

Scorpions taste like chips

Chineese eat more fish than meat. When meat, often it is chicken. These are eaten in the street.

These are the best pigeans i ever eat. It was on a food market in Hongkong

As like the French, Chineese eat frogs. French and Chineese are very similar. Both they eat everything and both believe their food is the best. The French also think that France is as big as China. 🤣

You can choose your frog from the restaurant entrance hall

Sometimes the dishes in China are weird but more than anywhere else they are very delicious. This frog was for my birthday ☹️

Some piece of whale. Few restaurants can offer fresh whale.

Since food is very fresh, you will not easily get sick

Not so long ago there was a famine in China. Therefore, now, food is taken more important than anything else. If they can afford, Chineese will eat 3 times a day. Especially when family, friends, business partners or guests are around. Usually one orders one dish per person and one extra dish. Instead of each eating his own dish, all dishes are shared. They turn around on the table. Drinking does not happen freely. Man can only drink by doing a toast.

Some dishes have a cruel appearance Some appear friendly

This dragon was for my birthday

Job event in Shanghai

There are many chineese. All they like to eat.

Chineese New Year people going home by train

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