April 27, 2019


Road trip



After a few days in Dublin I was ready to hit the road. For me driving small roads and getting off the beaten path is the best way to get to know a place.

No hurries.


Maps say 2.5 hours. I know me, this is a day trip. Making sure you have the right travel companion for your trip is key! I’m traveling with my cousin Marla and she knows it’s gonna be a slow travel kinda trip. 👍🏼👍🏼

I expected rolling green hills, ancient rock walls and sheep. I had no idea the abandoned buildings would be my favorite part of Ireland. I know, I know, it’s not for everyone. When I stopped for this picture I had no idea I would be going inside.

Irish Mantra


They’re tons of places you can visit in the world and truly experience the country without ever getting in the car. It’s not a have to by any means, but I think driving the Irish country side is a great way to experience Ireland.

One of the great things about traveling off the beaten path in Ireland is that the quality of the food is always pretty good. Not “foodie” food, just fresh, good quality, local food. And of corse always Guiness🍀💚

I don’t really have a clear understanding as to why these abandoned houses are as they are. I asked a few people and most were surprised when I described them. I met an Irish photographer and he just said life is hard. It’s hard to make it, and people just pick up and go. He said there’s an entire abandoned hospital outside of Cork that he has seen photographs of.


It was a great day, a hunk of this day was spent in Killarney National Park. That section deserves its own story. As much hardship I felt by walking through these old building me heart was warmed by the people we met. I’ll finish this segment with crazy Mike.

True story tellers

Doesn’t matter if it’s stories over a pint, singing in a horse and buggy or reciting poetry, the Irish love to share their history. This is crazy Mike, he’s 14.

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