Join 7 travel influencers as they “Take The Concierge Questionnaire ©” for Belfast, Ireland.

What is your favorite word to describe Belfast?

“Separated.” -@we3travel

What word best reflects the people of Belfast?

“Unrestrained.” -@wyattgallery

What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Belfast?

“The Peace Wall.” -@stuffedsuitcase

“Or the Botanical Garden.” -@ConciergeQ

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Belfast?

“Titanic Quarter.” -@stuffedsuitcase

“Or late night strolls downtown.” -@wyattgallery

What is your favorite indoor activity in Belfast?

“Game of Thrones Exhibition.” -@bucketlistjrny

What is your favorite sound or noise in Belfast?

“The guitarist and fiddler playing at Kelly’s Cellars.” -@davyj0nes and @wyattgallery

What is your favorite smell or taste in Belfast?

“Dinner at Hadskis.” -@kirstenalana

What drink best reflects Belfast?

“The Market Quarter at Grand Central Hotel Belfast’s Observatory.” -@kirstenalana and @davyj0nes

“Or cider...” -@stuffedsuitcase “We did drink a lot of cider.” -@wyattgallery

What song or type of music best reflects Belfast?

“Snow Patrol.” -@kirstenalana “The fiddle.” -@wyattgallery

If Heaven were Belfast, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates?

“Did you know I was an extra on ‘Game of Thrones!?’” -@davyj0nes

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