I came to Doolin to see the Cliffs of Mohir. I left with an entirely different memory..

My Doolin experience is one I talk about often as it was everything I hoped Ireland would be.


In 2014, I stayed at the Daly BnB for 3 nights on my first trip to Doolin. Truth be told, I did not think I was a BnB person as I love quiet and privacy… until I stayed here.

The first afternoon as I drove into town, and every afternoon after I returned from my drives around Doolin, I was greeted with an Irish coffee & treats.

I was delighted every afternoon in the BnB sitting rooms with our hosts engaging myself and other American guests into conversations. Those Irish know how to get the conversation and the craic going!

Our late afternoon teas and coffees were filled with sharing experiences and a community feeling that is not often found today… especially amongst strangers.

Each night, we were sent on our way to walk into town for dinner…just two blocks away. They put a flashlight in our pockets & umbrella if needed so could find our way home & stay dry. We insisted we would be back in a few hours, but her grandfathers local pub, Gus O’Connors, got us.

After delicious fresh fish dinners, we were pulled in by the trad music, tapping our feet until the wee hours of the morning.

Wonderful people and conversation and people of all ages mingling in this community hub. I still remember a little Irish girls clapping along & showing off her Irish jig.

Truth be told, I did not think I was a bar person…. until Doolin. I found out I am an Irish pub person.

The scent of peat brings me right back to these happy nights at Gus O’Connors every time.

In the morning, the breakfasts were a welcome’d treat for our Guinness bellies. I can still remember the French Toast. Over coffee and tea, we received local advice for the best adventures on the Cliffs of Mohir and the gorgeous walk down, sea kayaking, and excursions to the local ruins. All with Kate’s fresh muffins tucked in our daypacks.

The Daly’s have been in Doolin for 8 generations . Their roots are strong as is their love of Doolin that is shared with each of their guests.

4th generation Gus O’Connor opened the wonderful pub in town in 1832. I had a bowl of mussels here after my walk down the Cliffs of Mohir I will never forget. This is the pub my American friends and I frequented three nights in a row..

Daly BnB

6th generation Susan runs the Daly 6 bedroom BnB. Her daughter, Kate, also had a BnB next door and now lets out a guest room. Kate’s two daughters, who entertained me with stories in the sitting room, will inevitably inherit this talent for hospitality.

Kate, Susan & I caught up on life over a cuppa while Kate peeled potatoes for their dinner.


And so in 2019, I made sure to return to visit the Daly’s in Doolin.

Doolin is a place that has stayed in my heart. I have stayed in touch with people I met from all over the world..

I came for the Cliffs of Mohir, but the real gem was the complete Irish experience: Irish hospitality, Irish music, Irish craic, and Daly’s Irish charm.

Gus O’Connor’s Pub http://gusoconnorsdoolin.com

Daly’s House BnB http://dalyshouse.com

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