The irish pub

There is something about an Irish Pub

You will rarely find me in a bar or crowded places … except in Ireland where I usually find myself in a pub every night.

It pulls you in with its character fulled exteriors

and it keeps you there with cozy warm interiors - The people - The music - The slow sips of Guinness or Whiskey

I have made three trips to Ireland over the last six years, visited several counties and dozens of towns and the story is the same.

Despite being tired from full days exploring Ireland, I walk into a pub for just a bit of music & a drink promising myself an early night, and inevitably find myself.....

... Sitting on a stool

Enjoying an Irish toast “Slainte”

Chatting with strangers who have become friends that I have stayed in touch with years later.

Tapping my foot and singing to both Traditional (Trad) & modern tunes.

Westport • Matt Malloy’s

Dunloe Lodge • Killarney

Dunloe Lodge • Killarney

Gus O’Connor’s • Doolin

Gus O’Connor’s • Doolin

Delphi Mountain Resort • Galway

The Temple Bar • Dublin

The Temple Bar • Dublin

.... I could listen to this guy and enjoy the energy in this pub all night.... and I did!

Bad Bob’s Temple Bar • Dublin

The bartenders are friendly, the locals will all want to know your stories … and will tell you theirs the Irish hospitality is contagious to tourists.

You will never feel lonely in an Irish Pub. Its good craic as the Irish Say.

Stop in a Pub on your trip to Ireland and enjoy the heart of Irish social life.

There are no strangers here, only friends you have not met. ~

~ WB Yeats



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