The Titanic Quarter, a place full of history and experiences that leave you full of knowledge and brings you closer to the city and the people.

First we started at the Titanic Experience. Note, this is not a museum, they call it an experience and we realised why!

The amount of history here is staggering. It’s not a museum you quickly walk through, it’s an interactive experience you are a part of. Each segment gets you involved and we felt it was more than worth the admission price... there was even an indoor ride!

After the Titanic Experience we headed down the road to the HMS Caroline, a survivor of The Battle of Jutland in World War One.

I was expecting just a standard boat tour, some information on the walls, and coming from the Titanic Experience I didn’t think it would be as fun. I was really wrong...

The boat was full of sounds that filled each room. The clicking of the keys on a typewriter, the sounds of the men onboard eating and chatting, the sounds of the engine churning away. This all meant you could really place yourself back in history, which is what you always want when you learn!

The last thing we saw was the Dock & Pump house. This was opposite the HMS Caroline and was the last place the Titanic rested on dry ground.

Inside the Pump House you see the Massive pumps and gargantuan hydraulic accumulator... basically the pumps that could empty the empty the huge dock within 100 minutes, which at it’s time was a massive feat.

This is where the Titanic sat! You really get a scale for how big the ship was!

My recommendation would be to spend a full day on this. The Titanic Experience alone is something you could spend half a day at. There’s plenty of places to eat... and you could even stay over the road at the Titanic Hotel, to soak up even more history!

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