Black Cab Tour

MARCH 2019

We decided we wanted to know more about the history of Belfast. This history is unique in that you are learning about what happened 30 years ago, not 200, not 100, but 30. Belfast was a hotbed of political and religious fighting and we wanted to learn more.

We booked a Black Cab Tour with a local guide. This cost is £35 for the two of us and lasted 120 minutes. In this time you’re going to see a lot and learn a lot... make sure you have coffee before hand, you’ll need to be alert!

On this tour you’ll learn all about the Catholic and Protestant fights, the IRA and the peace line. Because of this I’d recommend small children not take this tour as it’s full of political language that they might not understand... I had trouble at times!

With all this information you also get out the can and are able to take photos, go close to the murals and learn more about the stories of the faces you see. I was blown away with how much knowledge our tour guide had, full of facts and dates.

“Europa Hotel is the most bombed hotel in the world!”

One of the most interesting men I’ve ever learnt about is this guy, Bobby Sands. He was a hero to many. I don’t want to give much away because his story is so incredible and you need to go on the tour to hear it!

Seeing the peace line wall was incredible. It’s not something I ever expected to see really. It’s a towering wall that stretches for miles. This wall is coming down in 2023, as religious divisions aren’t as seem much nowadays. Today it’s used as a mural where people write words of peace.

We have to thank our cab driver, he was a great guy and made sure we understood everything, answered the questions we had and was fun to be with.


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