Ireland in black and white

Ancient East

We started the day by following the footsteps of the those who left Ireland during the famine - a visit to the Dunbrody Famine ship

My ticket to the past...

Simon documenting the voyage along the way.

Waterford city - Ireland’s oldest city dating back to the arrival of the Vikings in the 9th Century. Katya exporting the remarkable remains of the ancient port around the Viking Triangle.

There are 3 museums within a few spaces of each other telling the thousand year old story of Waterford from its foundation in 914 by Viking sea pirates. Tamara came face to face with a street art between these treasures - Waterford - a city where a harmonious marriage of old and the new exist.

Medieval museum showcases spectacular treasures from Middle Ages - there are two significant treasures being showcased inside. We had to go and learn all about them.

The powerpoint presentation of the past. This 4 metre long charter roll was made in Waterford in 1373. It is now regarded as one of the great treasures of medieval Ireland because of the number and quality of the illustrations. The Great Charter Roll of Waterford was designed as part of a presentation by Waterford City Council to King Edward III illustrating the legal documents contained in the roll that supported their case.

Dating from the 1460s the Waterford cloth-of-gold vestments are made from Italian silk woven in Florence. The panels were embroidered in Bruges which was the centre of the medieval embroidery industry.

The team enjoying a virtual tour of the Viking past...

Waterford Crystal visitor experience where master glasscutter show why Waterford Crystal brand is known all over the world.

The secret is in the detail..

It has been a day of learning about history and craftsmanship. Ireland has many stories to tell, shaping world’s future one history lesson at a time.

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