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The Ballymaloe House

The Ballymaloe House is not just a hotel. It’s something you have to experience yourself to truly appreciate. Nestled in the East Cork countryside, it is a beautiful farm and stronghold-turned-home that has stood for centuries. Today, it is all that and more. If you’re a traveler, you’ve likely experienced plenty of places to stay while you’re away. This place is different, and worth going out of the way for.

On over 400 acres, the Ballymaloe House raises the bar for “eco-tourism”... amazingly located amidst its own farmland and minutes away from the sea.

New arrivals are eagerly greeted along the driveway in to the house.

Walking up to the front door felt something like stepping back into time, or into a movie.

One of the more amazing aspects of the Ballymaloe House is the adjoining Cookery School down the road. People come from all over the globe to learn cooking and farming skills on the property’s farm. The farm provides the vast majority of the food for the hotel.

The farm and school provide everything from meat and dairy to additional breads, vegetables, and fruit.

The on-site bakery not only bakes bread for the hotel, but also for the local farmers market and shops.

Bread shed

You can wander through the school and the gardens. Later on you’ll be enjoying the fruits of their labor.

There are running trails right outside the hotel doors to take in the fresh air and quiet of the countryside.


The talented people preparing the food are beyond passionate about their local ingredients. Whether it’s midday snacks or a perfect dinner, it’s all impeccably fresh and incredibly delicious.

The local fish arrives just minutes from the hotel, and is impossible to beat (I’m not a food critic, but I was a fishing guide in Alaska)

I dropped the ball and didn’t get a picture of it, but it has to be mentioned: There is a dessert cart, and it is out of this world. It’s almost entirely grown and made on the property. The pastries and fillings to the ice cream. It’s phenomenal.

If you time your visit right, the Ballymaloe House has concerts a couple times a month. With a big local turnout (and local beer on tap), it was far from the expected in a great way.


Just a quick beautiful drive through the rolling hills sees you at the shores of the Atlantic. Being the southern end of the island you can catch both sunrise and sunset! (This was the sunrise)

Lastly, the people who run the Ballymaloe House make this place what it is. From Peter the General Manager, to Hazel and Rory who have been running the place for decades, they have created an experience unlike any other. It felt like home from the minute I walked in the door and even more so when I left.

The Ballymaloe House sets a high standard. It’s an incredible experience worth going out of the way for. If you’re a fan of travel, conservation, food, amazing people, and amazing scenery, you will love this place. For more info visit their website at #wildatlanticway #irelandsancienteast #loveireland

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