April 28th, 2019. Ireland

Sheep Farmers

Tim is a third generation sheep farmer. This is his daughter Sinaid. Tim has lived on this land his entire life.

Tim and Sinaid

If you have never seen a sheep dog at work there is nothing that could prepare you for the brilliance, the speed, and intelligence. I couldn’t of been more surprised or impressed.


Rose moved the herd to the lower pasture, and then into the corner. She was a bit more vicious than I expected, but she has to keep the fox away.

She gets down super low and then springs forward. She has been trained to take the sheep all the way up the hill and then bring them back.

There are 500 sheep on the farm and 13 male rams, which are responsible for the 700 baby lambs. The pink dots represents the farm and the blue dot signifies a Momma with twins.

There are cows on the farm as well, but not as many. This little one is a day old.

All of the sheep here are female. Some will have one baby, most two, and some three. If the Momma can’t care for all of them they get bottled fed.

Rose is a second generation sheep dog, It took Tim 2 years to train her. She has no price tag.

I can’t think of a better way to experience a day in the life of Ireland. It’s hard for me, as an American to imagine what it would feel like to have had three generations of my family living in the same place, walking the same trails, farming sheep and carrying on family traditions. I felt lucky to spend this day with Tim, Sinaid, Kitty and Rose.

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